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Tears For Nanertak ~ Text and Watercolors by Skip Hofstrand

Polar Bear Arctic Home Melting: Tears for Nanertak

Author and artist Skip Hofstrand asks his young readers “What happens 
when your home disappears?” to teach them about global warming and the plight of 
the polar bears now losing their Arctic homes.

Saginaw, MN – Professional water color artist and author Skip Hofstrand announces the release of Tears for Nanertak. With its exquisite illustrations and poignant text Hofstrand’s new juvenile fiction tells the tale of a polar bear mother and cub fleeing their melting homeland and directs his young readers’ attention on the sad effects of global warming.  

It’s hard for most people to imagine their home vanishing, but for Nanertak, a young polar cub, the melting of the Arctic cap means she and her mother will have no place to live. Hofstrand’s brilliant illustrations and well honed text dramatically present the two bears’ sad exodus from their native land in search of another home.

Nanertak and her mother are forced to escape by iceberg, a dangerous trek and the beginning of their incredible journey of survival. Other Arctic creatures join them along the way and share the tears they shed on their trip, but at the end there is an unexpected hope revealed for their future. 

There is also a solution presented to Hofstrand’s young readers for the problem of their disappearing homeland. 

Remarkably, the artists’ watercolor illustrations were painted with water taken from the melting Greenland Ice Cap and collected by Will Steger, polar explorer and winner of National Geographic’s prestigious John Oliver LaGorce award for exploration, science, and public service. More information on Hofstrand’s remarkable watercolor style is available at A percentage of the royalties from the sale of Tears for Nanertak will be donated to the Will Steger Foundation, which educates children about global warming.

Tears for Nanertak by Skip Hofstrand
ISBN: 978-1-4327-2081-2
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: October 2012
Pages: 31

About Author

Skip Hofstrand has been a professional watercolor artist for twenty-six years. This is his first children’s picture book. Skip has served as medical director for all of explorer Will Steger’s polar expeditions.

My Thoughts

The constant drip of the melting polar ice was Earth's tears for all the Arctic animals that were having to find new places to live because of something called global warming.   Glogal warming was destroying their homeland.  

Then there was the drip, drip of tears from Nanuck the mother of Nanertak, the Polar bear cub.  Her sorrow was heavy on her heart because they had to leave the only home they had ever known.  

Why was this happening?  Where would they go?  How would they travel if everything was melting? Nanertak and his mother Nanuck did find help along the way.  

Many were sad and cried many tears along with Nanertak and Nanuck! 

The author explains in a way that our children can understand the meaning of global warming and the effects it has on the planet Earth and it's inhabitants.  I found the story very heartwarming and inspirational.

The illustration done in watercolors depicted the sorrow of Nanertak and Nanuck along with their perilous journey to a find another home.  

I find this book to be a keeper!  Not just because of the wonderful message wrote for our children but because of the exquisite artwork that is shared in this story.

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

I received a free copy of this book from the author and Bostick Communications for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review. It is my own opinion.

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