Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doll Diapers

I told some of the bloggers I would post a picture of the doll diaper cover epattern I bought.
I have a pattern very similar to this for babies. This site sells thier patterns. If you would like some made let me know and I will send you some infor on the doll and baby diapers. The doll diapers fit the cabbage patch dolls.

Brady Boy Board Shorts

I finally made time to make the little boy pirates themed shorts. I chose the name for the shorts after one of my grandsons Brady.
He is in this picture with his big sis Makayla.
The shorts are a size 5, for $18 if anyone is interested buying a size 5 or you can custom order sizes 3-8.

I will be adding a matching tee shirt with an applique of pirates. The price for the applique t-shirt will be $15. The appliques are cut from the same fabric the shorts were made with. If you are interested in a different fabric let me know and I will send you my fabric options.

The camera I used was actually my cell phone. The picture do not show the true color which is turquoise and the pocket is brown. My camera is not working hope to get one for Mother's Day I have hinted around enough.

Sit and Relax Weekend Blog Hop

Here we go people another weekend. Let get this thing going!
Yee! Haa!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thanking Bloggers For Pageviews!

I have been busy hopping around on blog hops. The were Sit and Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop, Relax Weekend Bog Hop, the Meet Me on Monday Blog Hop, the Terrific Tuesday Blog Hop, the Hump Day Blog Hop and the All Week Blog Hop. I want to thank thier creators and the host of all these blog hops. I have buttons that will link you to all of these fun blog hops at the bottom of the page. Thanks you for all the visits and followers to my blog. A couple of weeks ago I only had 143 page views. Now I am at 2,015 page views. Unbelievable thank all of you so much. I especially want to thank The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug for heading me in the right direction just by joining thier team on Etsy. They are great mentors. HUGS TO ALL!

Now I need to figure out how to add my stuff to my shop. I am a little intimidated by it, I must confess.

God Bless You And Yours

Ruffled Diaper Cover by Pink Poodle Bows

I have added a new pattern to my collection.

Pink Poodle Bows on Etsy is the designer of this pattern.

She is in the process of setting up a blog. But I have a widget on my blog for her shop if you would like to purchase one of her patterns. I will be doing a review when I get them made. They are darling I am anxious to pick my fabric and get these made. I have some other things I am working on right now so keep checking back to see how they turned out.

God Bless,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Projects I Have For Little Girls

I will be making an Apron Knot Dress by Little Lizard King Pattern Designer.

Then I will be making Boutique Double Ruffle Pants by Trotter Sweet Peas Pattern Designer. She has a shop on Etsy. She also has a blog...
I will make a halter top from the same designer.
The fabric is Daisy Cow which I purchased from she also has a shop on Etsy.
I will be using the white polka dot on black background fabric for the ruffles which I had in my fabric stash. So that is what I have going on this week.

I you are interested in making a custom order in the perfect size for the child in mind for this dress, pants, t-shirt top or halter top just leave me a message and will get right back to you.

My Newest Projects - Pirates

Ok I told some people I would be telling you about my newest project. I am making a pair of little boys size 4 shorts and adding an applique to a t-shirt. The fabric is pirates theme.
Here is a sneek peek of the project. Ok the pirates are upside down. I will take some more pictures as I am working on the outfit and hopefully they will not be upside down

Pink Poodle Bows ePatterns

A friend of mine is one of the talented epattern designers I was talking about in my previous post. Her shop is Pink Poodle Bows on Etsy. I have added a widget advertising her shop. I think I have her talked into setting up a blog for herself. Check her out when you get a chance. If you don't sew and like one of the patterns for some sweet child get the pattern and I will set you up with a custom order and we will get it done for that precious child. I fabric options or you can get your own. Get ready to go shopping because I will have it set up soon.

Loving My New Web Design

Can you tell I am just a little excited about my new web design by Ms.Danielle Design she has a button on this blog.
If you are thinking of a new design for your blog you really should get in touch with her. She is very patient too because I have bugged the stuff out of her with all my questions. But she never indicated I was a bother. Shoot,I new I was! So with this web page design I got a button that you guys can grab and put on your blog so you can think of me everyday. Oh I know that's not what it is for. But please use it every once in a while. SOMEONE and I will not say who ;) teased me because I had a very large collection of buttons. I think I grabbed one from every blog I landed on.

But it is almost finished now I just need to put some ready made items on my shop page here on blog shop. Then give my viewers some info on the custom order page. You can send me your pattern and fabric or you can choose from a selection of designs I have from some very talented epattern designers or I can give you the name of a pattern designer so you can check out thier patterns for yourself. So let's get it done. On to other business.

Thanks For Visiting Mamaw

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Webpage by Ms. Danielle Designs

I am getting a new webpage design and my own website button!!!
Danielle is having a marvelous sale for this month check her out. Her button is on my sidebar Ms.Daneille Designs.

My Weekend Blog Hopping

I must confess I have my days and nights mixed up. I find it easier to do my sewing at night because there is way less interuptions. But since I have become a team leader on Children Are Our Future Team on Etsy I really need to spend more daytime hours ion focusing on the team.
Well it isn't working well because I didn't set my alarm clock when I went to bed at 8am yesterday morning and I ended up sleeping until 12:30am this morning. Now that is unreal. I can't believe I slept that long. Same on me!
Since I have been up this morning I decided to do some Blog Hops. The one I am doing this morning and this weekend is from blogger Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life. I have done the first seven of the blog hop. I have come across some wonderfully entertaining and educational blogs. You must do this blog hop. The people are great. The one I enjoyed the most was Scrappy Mom, Home of OHM Blog, she was number 7 on the list below. I grabbed one of her buttons, be sure to check her out she needs followers too.
Check out my shop if you have time. Follow Me. Subscribe to my blog. Let's get this blog to going. HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sewing Machine Cover For Myself

I decided I needed a new sewing machine cover.  I bought some cute fabric from       The fabric is Loralie Design Fabulous.

Custom designed by me because I wanted to keep the flatbed extension on my machine.  It kinda looks like a delivery truck, a cute delivery truck.  So here is the finished cover.  Don't be too critical please I very seldom do something for myself.   If you would like to order one let me know. I should add it to my shop.
my machine
my new machine cover

back side view
top view

front side view
back end view

front end view

made this cover several months ago for my machine
made from some OLD jeans of my hubbies
big butt jeans

side pocket view

Crochet Cutie Patootie

This is a brand new shop on etsy and she has some really cute crocheted hair clips for little girls.  She has stars, flowers and butterflies.  She even offers for you to choose the colors and the type of hair clip.  You can even get them without the barretts and use them for other things.  I bought some of the butterflies.  I plan to give as gifts to my customers.

Children Are Our Future

I joined a new team on Etsy, Children Are Our Future Team, it has some fantastic people on the team.  The Captain on the team asked me to be her second in command, the Leader.  I took the position and it is giving me the chance to be in touch with many people.  I get to visit them and their shop making new friends.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trotter Sweet Peas - Boutique Double Ruffled Pants

I just purchased this pattern from Trotter Sweet Peas on Etsy.

It was a very easy pattern to follow and the finished product is darling.
I plan on using this pattern alot.  I am going to try and get a pair made for two of my grandbabies. 
I made a size 18m /2T but pattern has sizes 18months/2T, 3T/4T, 5T/6. I will be adding this outfit to my shop. The reason I say outfit is because I  added a fabric
 bow to a size 24month white tee shirt to go with the pants.
 I still have to finish the pants but I wanted to go ahead and put on my blog.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Debut of a Ruffle Sleeved Dress!!!!

One of my favorite fabrics. Daisy Galore Ruffled Sleeve Dress.  Size 4
                                             APPLAUSE PLEASE

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Fabric for The Boys - Farmall Tractors

My darling husband decided to buy fabric while he was in town today.  LOL
He bought some fabric with little boys driving International Harvester Farmall Tractors.  He wanted me to make shorts for little boys with the fabric but the print is too large and it is stripes going cross ways.  I really don't think it will work.  But it will make a cute quilt for a little boy. 

Please give me your advice on what I should make with this fabric!

"What Happens On My Tractor Stays On My Tractor"

Disney Pixar Cars Pillowcase

I just made a really cute pillowcase to match the Cars Quilt I made a while back.

Disney Pixar Cars Quilt

This Cars pillowcas has a red Cars band of fabric between the the two blue fabrics.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Making Of The Ankle Biter Toddler Pants

The pattern I am using is the Ankle Biter Toddler Pants by Puking Patterns.      I finally found a pattern I really like for little boys.  The pattern does not have a pocket but I added one to the size 4 pants.
This will be going in my shop later today.