Friday, June 17, 2011

Special Guest: VillageNeedler Boutique Children's Clothing & Accessasries on Etsy

I want to thank Patricia for letting me introduce my Etsy Shop VillageNeedler Boutique on her blog, Its About Time Mamaw. I quess sewing and creating things is in my genes as they would say. I come from a family of sewers,florist,bakers and even farmers. I first started at 7 yrs under the table watching the older 4-Hers creating their garments and stealing their scraps to use for my Barbie. That’s how the story was written.

After having my third child I decided that I wanted to open a small business so the Villageneedler was born, It was in a small town and I sold supplies for crocheting,knitting,needlework and taught classes so I became the Villageneedler. I made most of my two daughter clothes when they were growing up even learning to smock. After they grew up I put that aside and pursued other interest. It wasn’t until I had my first Granddaughter that my creative juices started up again. My first design is my patchwork jacker that I sized down from a quilt block. I do a lot of craft shows during the year but always wanted a web site but didn’t know where to start so when my oldest daughter who also sews started her Etsy business I said if she can do it so can I.

My designs are made with heirloom fabric such as cottons,piques,seersucker,corduroys. I use a lot of fancy trims and buttons. I do a lot of jumpers that can be worn as a sundress in the summer. I feel a little girl should stay that way.,so many of the clothes in the retail stores today make them look so grown up. To make my dresses different I do french seams and hems are still done by hand.

My greatest joy is when I’m doing shows someone stops and has a big smile,and they tell me that looks just like the one my mom made for me. I give me great pleasure seeing my outfits being enjoyed by all generations.


  1. Thanks for the post. Beautiful sundress!

  2. That dress is lovely! Enjoy your weekend :), Miriam@The Pioneer Cookbook

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site. Love yours...following you now!

    Around My Family Table

  4. What a darling dress!!
    I hope your shop is a bug success.

  5. Thanks for posting. That is a darling dress. Just wanted to let you know, I've returned your follow from the Thrifty Things and look forward to reading more.

  6. This is a darling dress! Im off to visit your Etsy shop! =)

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  8. So creative ~ and lovely dress ~ love the colors ~ thanks for coming by my blog and commenting ~ A Creative Harbor ~ enjoy ~ ^_^


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