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Courtney Saves Christmas ~ written by Emyln Chand ~ illustrated by Noelle Giffin ~GIVEAWAY


About Book

Courtney is a peppy young penguin who just loves exploring, and is overjoyed when she receives a compass from Santa on Christmas morning. She’s so grateful for the gift, in fact, that she just needs to give Santa a great big hug and say “Thank you!” in person. The only problem is she lives in the South Pole, and Santa is all the way on the other side of the globe!

With the aid of her new compass, Courtney sets off on a journey that takes her almost an entire year. By the time she reaches Santa’s workshop, the elves are in a flurry preparing for the upcoming holiday. Unfortunately, Rudolph is feeling very sick—too sick to guide the sleigh. If Courtney can’t find a way to help, Christmas will be ruined and all the children of the world will be devastated. What’s a little penguin to do?

About Emlyn

Emlyn Chand emerged from the womb with a fountain pen clutched in her left hand (true story). When she's not writing, she runs a large book club in Ann Arbor and is the president of author PR firm Novel Publicity. Best known for her Young Adult novels, she is also developing a small, but devoted, following to her children's book series and is beginning to dapple in other genres as well. Emlyn enjoys connecting with readers and is available via almost every social media site in existence. Don't forget to say "hi" to her sun conure Ducky!
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My Thoughts

Courtney lives with her parents in a penguin  colony at the South Pole.   She has so many fun activities she can do with her friends.  When she came home from a day of play her parents had a surprise for her.  It was a present but it was not from her parents they told her it was from a human named Santa Claus and he lived at the North Pole. Can you imagine she had never heard of Santa Claus. When she finally opened the gift she had no idea what it was. After her father examined it he told her it was a compass and she could use it when she went exploring.  I would tell her what direction she was going. North, South, East or West.

Courtney wanted to thank Santa for this very special gift and give him a big hug.  Her parents tried to explain it was very far away but she was determined to make the trip to the North Pole.  He parents wished her a safe trip.

On her journey she met many different  creatures which includes humans and explored many different lands and bodies of water.  But with her precious gift the compass she just kept following the N which means North all the way to the North Pole and to Santa's Workshop.  

When she enters the workshop and meets some of Santa's Elves they seemed to be in a tither over something and decided to get Santa's advice in the matter.  This was Courtney's chance to meet Santa and thank him for the compass.  After the Elves consult with Santa about their dilemma Santa tells Courtney he has a very special assignment for her.

Now what kind of assignment could a Penguin do for Santa?  But no matter what it is she will do her best to help Santa and the Elves.

I found this a very endearing story.  Courtney persevered and persisted in her journey to get to Santa just so she could thank him in person.  She was a very polite and generous little penguin.  But most of all she was very brave.  She did not even expect anything for her good deed.  

Santa is such a kind and patient man. No doubt he will bring the author and the illustrator a Special Christmas Gift because they have been very good to all the children by creating wonderful books for them to read and enjoy.   Oh, hello Ducky and Merry Christmas!

The author's story teaches moral values, manners and bravery.  The illustrations of the Courtney and the other characters in the book were right on with the story and will tickle any child's imagination.  

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book:

I received a free digital copy of this book from Evolved Publishing/Author for review. I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my own opinion.

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review, Patricia! I'm glad you enjoyed Courtney's Christmas-saving journey and honored that you've followed all my little birdies on theirs.

    An early happy Christmas to you :-D


    1. Oh, Ducky says "hi" too and is hoping for a mango treat this Christmas. He's a sucker for those things!

  2. This sounds lovely and I love the cover pic :)
    Good luck with your book.


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