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I CAN DO IT ~ GIVEAWAY of THE WALNUT GROVE SERIES # 1-3 ~ Written by Dana Lehman & Illustrated by Judy Lehman


Sammy enjoys visiting new places, so he decides to take his friends to an enchanted forest called Whispering Willows. Along the way and through Paradise Pond, Bucky realizes that with practice, and confidence, he can finally swim! Join Sammy and his friends on a journey that will have them swimming for frogs, swinging through the forest, and building a tree house. Magical things happen in Whispering Willows…if you believe in yourself!

**All three books have questions in the back for reading comprehension

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Author and Illustrator

My name is Dana Lehman and I am the author of the Walnut Grove series of children’s books. All three books help encourage character development. I graduated with an Associates degree from Macomb Community College. I always enjoyed creative writing, and one of my dreams became reality in 2007 when my first book, Adventures at Walnut Grove: A Lesson about Teasing, was published. I currently reside in Allenton, Michigan with my husband and our two sons.

Judy Lehman is my mother-in-law. She has been an artist for thirty-eight years. Judy is a retired schoolteacher. She currently resides in Hubbard Lake, Michigan with her husband George. I have had authors ask if she would be interested in doing illustrations for them, but she graciously declines. She is retired and enjoys a lot of other activities, such as golf and camping. 

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My Thoughts

Sammy the squirrel was excited that his cousins, Silly and Sassy were coming for another visit to Walnut Grove.  He had a special adventure planned for his friends and his cousins.  They were going to explore Whispering Willows a magical forest.  He was keeping it a secret as to how the forest was magical.  He wanted them to experience the magic  for themselves. 

Some of the activities took courage and they would have to brave.  They would probably be doing things they had never done before.  But Sammy was there to protect them.  

Bucky the beaver has a big surprise for Silly and Sally and his friends.  What kind of surprises and adventure does Sammy and Bucky have in store for Silly and Sally? 

You will want to get your own copy of I CAN DO IT in order to find out about their adventure.  You do not want to miss all the magic and fun!

The author always has a lesson to be learned in her story.  The lesson in this story  is I CAN DO IT.  She teaches that one can have self confidence by putting fear aside. This is definitely a great lesson!

The illustrations depict a fun adventure in the magical forest with some things hidden just for you to find. The illustrations gives you the feeling of experiencing the magic as you read the story.

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

I received a free copy of this book from the Lehman Publishing for review. I was in no way compensated for this review. It is my own opinion.

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