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Spirals by Ruby Standing Deer ~ Innovative Online Book Tour

About Book

A Holy Man, who lives in both this world and the Spirit world, waits hidden in a cave in the canyons, as a newly made woman runs toward him. She flees her would-be suitor, who wants from her more than she can give.
The Holy Man and his constant companions, a colony of mice, accept the woman within the cave. She worries that he may be crazy, but given her fear of the man who desires her, maybe crazy is not so bad.
In this sequel to Ruby Standing Deer’s first novel, Circles, the main character of Shining Light is now grown and with family. He dreams of the woman and the Holy Man in the canyons, and knows that, after four seasons of calm and peace in the Forest of Trees, he must go to them.
He seeks guidance, but the Spirits tell him only that he must rescue these two people. Yet he need not go alone. Ever Shining Light’s faithful companion and Wolf Brother, White Paws senses he must follow his Human Brother. Thus, one Human, one Wolf, and their two families set out for the unknown.
The adventure exceeds all of Shining Light’s expectations, and he learns more about his place in this world than the Holy Peoples of his band could ever teach him.

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Published by Evolved Publishing

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About Author

Author of Circles, Spirals and Courage Through Fear, a short story in a book called Evolution Book 1 Put out by my publishing Company, Evolved Publishing.

Life is a wondrous mystery that I still explore. I spent my youth "feeling" my way thought it. I traveled throughout the seventies, standing on one highway ramp or another, exploring the many corridors of our country, learning about life and what it had to offer.

In 1979, deep in winter, I settled down. I was lucky enough to become the first woman journeyman pressman of a major newspaper in Colorado. After ten years of working on printing presses, an injury forced me down another path.

I made and sold jewelry, cared (still do) for abandoned animals, volunteered for a horse rescue as well as a no kill shelter. I went to school for so many different careers that ended up combining my credits to get a degree in horticulture. Unfortunately, or so I thought back then, two car accidents during my last semester, my last class, prevented my pursuing it as a living.

I had no idea what my future held, but I was fortunate; my caring and understanding husband allowed me to explore other paths and I found one I knew I belong on--writing.

Back then, I had no idea "someone" was pushing me to become a writer.

I had taken creative writing classes off and on throughout my college years, because I always felt the need to write. Nothing came of it, except satisfying my own desires, until that special dream guided me to write my novel, Circles.

My Thoughts

In the first book Feather went from the young boy, to a young boy turned man, Shining Light at an early age.  He was given many gifts from the creator.  In this book Shining Light is not only a Holy Man but a husband, a father of a new baby girl, he is also a son of and grandson.  If you look closely at this 15 year old Holy Man man you will at times see a glimpse of the young boy Feather.  After growing quickly in the role of Holy Man his visions and gifts are more powerful now.  He still has his Wolf at his side along with the Wolf''s mate and puppies.  

He is forced by his visions to search for the Rainbow. Not sure what he is looking for yet he knows this is what the Creator shows is necessary for The People.  He will not make this journey alone.  He would rather have had made the journey alone.  The Creator show him it is not just his vision.  Others have a the same  vision.

In another place lives an old Holy Man that has lived many moons alone in a cave with only mice as his companions.  He also is waiting for the Rainbow.  He has prepared for this meeting because he has lived long among the world and the spirit world and both worlds have told him what he is to do when the Rainbow arrives to his dwelling. He too will be making a perilous journey.

What is this Rainbow and what does it have to do with Shining Light, The People and the old Holy Man?

The author makes you feel as part of Feather's/Shining Light's  family while reading about his family, his journey to find the Rainbow and especially the need to protect his People.  He has such a loving heart that you'll want to help him through his journey.  

I am looking forward to reading book three in this series.  It is books like this series that I wished never ends.  Keep them coming!

I can't help but to compare this series to another series I had the pleasure of reading and that was The Earth's Children by Jean M. Auel.  I devoured this series.  

I highly recommend this book along with the rest of the series.

I rate this book a 5+ out of 5.

I received a free copy of this book for review from Evolved Publishing.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my own opinion.

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