Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Casper, Maggie and Puppies Update

Well I must say Casper is a wonderful SAOD (stay at home dad). He spends as much time licking and cleaning up after the puppies as much their mom does. Mom is totally exhausted trying to keep up with nine puppies. I still have them in the little swimming pool. Some of them has already figured out how to climb out. More like fall out. There are 8 male and 1 female. If you are in the Houston or surrounding area and would like a Lab puppy contact me.
Make me an offer !

Our little rescued chihuahua mix wants to mother everything. She tries to nurse the kittens and cleans the puppies. I wish I could find her a loving home. We have way too many pets. She is amazing with kids also.


  1. Aww that last picture is so cute! My sister had a dog who wanted to be a mother so bad that she tried mothering anything from puppies, kittens to baby goats. And the special thing about her was she could actually start lactating when she decided to mother something.


  2. What adorable little puppies--love them! <3

    Thanks for stopping by my blog--I'm your newest follower!

  3. These puppies and these pics are just tooo freakin cute!

  4. So sweet!!!I want one! lol
    thank you for linking up!
    our newest fan,

  5. Cute pups! Thanks for the follow @

  6. awwww they are so cute! following back!

  7. So gorgeous!! Puppies are just adorable aren't they, and then they grow up!!

    CJ xx

  8. Thanks for visiting Ascending Butterfly via the Monday Blog Hop! I am following! I love Dogs, wish I lived near you! :)

  9. Those are the sweetest little puppies. Awwwwwwwww...I want to snuggle with them all.
    PS, Wooooo I'm number 500!!!


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