Friday, June 24, 2011

My Life Has Gone To The Dogs

The reason I say I have gone to the dogs is because my Lab puppies are almost four weeks old and you can't imagine the mess they can make. They are very cute and lovable but I am ready for these babies to find a new home. Two more weeks of cleaning up puppy pee and poop. YUK! You should see the mess they make when they eat mositened Puppy chow. I put it in two pie plates and they stand in the plates and even though it is on newspaper they still get it all over the floor. Whenever they get through eating at least two are three of them fall asleep in the pie plates and have to be cleaned up. I think it is hilarious that they fall asleep while eating. The mom, Maggie, is not real interested in nursing them anymore because they are abusive little leaches with claws. I got her some Udder Butter but she is still all scratched up and sore. today I actually wore my rubber boots to go in the kitchen because they keep going after my toes and angle for a chew toy. So if you are wanting one of the little leaches and you are anywhere near Houston or you want to make a trip to Houston. There are five white/yellow males, one white female, two black males and I am keeping the one chocolate male. Please Contact me if you are interested they are so cute.
Don't make me beg. Oh sorry I am already begging aren't I. ;)


I hope everyone has enjoyed my guest host the past few days. I think they did a marvelous job on their guest hosting. I hope you take time to visit their shops and blogs. I have a list of future guest host so keep coming back to see who is next. Maybe it could be you. Contact me.

Well I have been so busy with booking new guest for future post and trying to make sure you have some blog hops to connect with. Plus I am working on getting my book blog up and functioning like it is suppose to. I have had Margaret The World As I See It help me tweek a few things that were not working correctly. But finally I figured out how to get GFC on there and some social media share buttons. Hope you will visit my book blog soon.


  1. so cute! I have a chocolate lab and got him as a puppy - and yes he was very messy. I can't imagine having a liter to take care of.

  2. soo cute! shucks, i would have wanted the chocolate :) just kidding! my sister is looking and would seriously have taken one if we lived there! hope you find them good homes!

  3. Puppies are cute, but messy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Speaking of begging! My four kiddos have been all over me and my hubby for a puppy. They are sooo cute...

  5. Puppies are like terrible two-year-olds. The are SO cute and loveable, but so very frustrating at times! Potty training is a rough patch! Hang in there!

    Enjoyed the guest bloggers.

  6. I'm your newest follower! Stop in and see me!

  7. Oh my gosh they're just tooo darn cute! I must have stared at the pic for a good 5 minutes :)


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