Thursday, June 16, 2011

Danielle Designs to the Rescue

As many of you may have noticed my header disappeared from my blog the other day. I tried many things suggested by friends visiting my blog to get the header back. These attempts were unsuccessful but I do appreciate all the help.
My blog designer, Danielle, is a single mom in the Coast Guard and was transferred from California to another state. When I lost my blog header she was in the process of a move and getting her life back to some sort of normal. I emailed her about my problem and she got back to me right away and promised she would contact me soon. Well she contacted me the very next day and gave me three steps to remedy the mess I made and of course it worked.
My thanks and gratitude go out to Danielle for taking time at such a hectic time in her life.
So you should check out her portfolio. and let her fix your blog up with a new design.
Ms. Danielle Design's
She also has another blog The Mommy Chronicles.
The Mommy Chronicles


  1. I sent Danielle an email. Maybe she can
    spiffy up my plain vanilla blog design!
    Thanks for the info. (And I'm glad you have your cute banner back.)


  2. Glad you were able to get your header fixed! It's adorable! Thanks for stopping by Luv'N Lambert Life! Hope you'll visit again soon.
    ~ Dana at


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