Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Adventure of Shari: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Found this on The adventure of Shari Blog. This is what she had to say:

The Adventure of Shari: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: "I decided after starting to write posts that I view life best with pictures and music and that is how I would probably best express myself. ..."


  1. Already following you on GFC, following you back on Twitter and Facebook.

    Just a heads-up. I clicked on your Twitter button on the sidebar and it's not taking me to your twitter page. Think you're missing your twitter handle.

  2. Love your blog. Can we follow each other?

  3. “Pay it Forward” is posted. I hope you’ll be able to participate. I’m hoping to be able to build “Pay It Forward” up to be a meaningful event, but I need your help to do it. If you can find the time to join in, it would really help to grow the movement! Pay It Forward:

  4. Thanks for the follow! Returning the favor:)

  5. Hi! Sorry it took me soooo long I finally added you to the Gifts By Katherine site in the babies and children section. Hugs!

  6. Hi Patrica~ I saw your link on the Pay It Forward Linky, you linked up just right! But if you could put your summary on your blog as a post and add the "Pay It Forward button to it ... people will be able to find it. You can click on some of the other links to see what I'm talking about, if I'm not being clear.

    I would really like to hear about the book. I'm just not sure people will find it down in the comments.

    I'm also unclear if you were telling of an experience that happened to you. If so, I'm speechless ... except to say God bless you with courage and strength! xoxo


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