Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Special Guest: KidsStore on Etsy

Hi, My Etsy shop is kidsstore where I make and sell various items for tots to tweens. I have 2 grown sons and 3 grandchildren (Adrianna is 8 1/2, Ray is 5, and Niah is 9 mo.). I was a stay at home mom until the boys were in high school, and went to work in an office doing accounting. At that time I also started a home bridal business, and made custom gowns for about 20 years. When the grandbabies started coming, I began sewing for them. They love to go through my scraps to create things for their dolls and stuffed animals. We happily babysit for the 2 older ones, their dog, plus are caregivers for my mother who lives with us. Needless to say, our lives are very full.

A relative kept telling me about Etsy, and suggested I sew for kids and open my own shop. I decided to try it and love working with Etsy. It is such an easy yet professional place to do business, and the other members have been terrific. Etsy sellers have such a wide variety of items, and most of the things for sale are quality yet very reasonably priced. About 1/3 of my sales have been international, and it amazes me how small the world has become.

Because most of my sewing has been for children, I decided to devote my shop to them. The items listed are tried and true, and things I have made for family. The long sleeved bibs are similar to ones I used 40 years ago when my sons were small. I remembered them when Niah was starting to eat food, and decided to make some for her. They worked so well, I then decided to make them to sell to others. The flannel blankets and personalized towel sets have been made for nieces and nepews, and became favorites of theirs. My daughter-in-law requested the toddler bed sheet sets when her kids were still in the crib size convertible bed, but needed a top sheet. The pre-school "do it myself" aprons came about when the grandkids wanted aprons for playing kitchen that they could keep in the toyroom and use whenever they wanted. I never know what I am going to add next, it just depends on what someone requests or what I remember as having been used and loved for a long time. I try to make things that are fun, dearly used, practical, and will last a long time.

Long Sleeved Bib
I would love to have you visit my shop and see if there is anything your little ones could use or for that unusual yet practical gift you are looking for. I do take custom orders, and try to create what the customer has in mind. If you do visit my shop, and have any questions, please don't hesitate to convo me.

Happy shopping! Janie

Disney Cars Towel Set


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