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GIVEAWAY/Review - Lexie World - Three Lost Kids #1 by Kimberly Kinrade

About Book

Lexie World 
(Three Lost Kids, #1)
Ages 4-9

…Each time I put my foot down, it sank deeper into trash. The crunch and grind of it all sounded like monsters coming to eat me.
Oh my goodness! The crunching and grinding got louder. So loud, I knew it couldn’t be just us.
My hands shook and my feet stopped working right. I didn’t want to look behind me.
Then something smacked me in the back of my head! My eyes got all cloudy with tears.
I looked behind me. Big mistake….

5-year-old Lexie is tired of getting in trouble for leaving her stuff and trash outside. She doesn’t mean to litter or ruin her shoes, but it’s just so hard to remember sometimes.

When she, her two big sisters and their dog TayTay find a portal to Lexie World, Lexie discovers the consequence littering has had on her special world. Garbage Goblins have taken over and are destroying the Earth!

To save Lexie World, the girls (and TayTay) must travel with their new Unicorn friend through the Waters of Waste and over the Mountain of Lost Clothes to retrieve a piece of the Mirror of Ice in order to remind the Garbage Goblins of their true form and break their curse.

On this journey, Lexie learns about courage, love and the importance of taking care of her world.

With full color illustrations by Josh Evans, Lexie World bridges the gap between picture books and chapter books, offering children 4-9 years old a new, exciting reading journey.

Get your copy of Lexie World now on Amazon. (Free Kindle apps are available for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad) If you have Amazon Prime, check it out free on Kindle.
Want a sneak peek of the first three chapters? Read them here >> Lexie World, Chapters 1-3.

Published by Evolved Publishing

About Kimberly

I was born with ink in my veins and magic in my heart. As a child, where others saw shapes in clouds, I saw words. But I was also an entrepreneur at heart. So when my business arrangement with the Tooth Fairy ended, I went pro by writing my fantastical stories and selling them to all my neighbors.

Fast forward…um…many years and many college degrees later…and I am now a published author and reformed journalist.

Though I have written in many genres and fields, I am most passionate about the world of the paranormal and fantasy. Look for these exciting young adult paranormal novels from Evolved Publishing.


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Check out The Three Lost Kids Trilogy through Evolved Publishing. With full color illustrations, this unique chapter book series for 3-9 year olds follows three sisters as they enter magical worlds and learn important life lessons from the new friends they meet there.

Lexie World (Book 1)

Bella World (Book 2)

Maddie World (Book 3 - August 14th, 2012)

and, The Three Lost Kids Series continues with:

The Three Lost Kids and The Death of the Sugar Fairy (coming Oct. 2, 2012) Halloween will end forever if The Three Lost Kids can’t save the Sugar Fairy. But will they survive the Sugar Bugs, Cavity Cave and the attack of the Giant Gummy Bears?

The Three Lost Kids and The Christmas Curse (coming November 26th, 2012)- It’s every kid’s dream-Christmas everyday! What happens when that dream turns nightmare? Can the Three Lost Kids break the Christmas Curse before it’s too late?

The Three Lost Kids and Cupid’s Capture (coming Jan. 2013)-Cupid’s been captures, and this Valentine’s Day will be full of broken hearts if the Three Lost Kids can’t save Cupid and bring love back to the world.

When I’m not writing, editing and writing some more, I spend my time with my three little girls who think they are princess ninjas with hidden supernatural powers, our two dogs who think they are human, and the one man who is my soul mate and writing partner.

Here is a family portrait from Lexie World (The Three Lost Kids, #1)

My Thoughts 

Lexie was ready to sit down and eat dinner her mom had made her special meatloaf. But mom noticed Lexie did not have her shoes and socks on when she came in the house.  Her mom made her go back outside to get her shoes and socks so she would have shoes to wear to school tomorrow. Lexie also had to tell her two older sisters to come inside for dinner. Out she ran in the cold and rain!  As they ran back to the house Lexie slipped and fail hitting her head causing her to scream and cry.  Her dad ran outside and scooped her up.
When she was able to stop crying her mother realized Lexie still did not have her shoes and socks.  Mom made her go back outside and get them.  The neighbor followed her home and told Lexie's mother if the kids did not stop leaving trash and such all over her yard they would no longer be able to come to her house and play on the trampoline.  This called for a family meeting and a lecture on keeping the planet earth clean.  

After Lexie went to bed she had a hard time going to sleep. When she woke the next morning the girls ran outside and straight to their favorite playground.  It had a woodsy area they loved to play in.  They found an odd looking gigantic tree that had the appearance that you could walk right through the middle of the tree.  So they held hands and walked through with their dog Tay-Tay following them.  It was very dark and scary and they never came out the other side.  When it got saw light Lexie knew exactly where she was, they were in Lexie World.  Each of her sisters had their own worlds also.  There was a Bella World and a Maddie World.  Their parents encouraged the girls to use their imagination and never made fun of the girls when they told them about their worlds.  But this was real!  Why are they in Lexie World?  Now looking at Bella and Maddie they look like some kind of super heroes and come to think of it so does she.  

The girls meet Unicorns, monsters and gnomes while exploring Lexie World!!!

Were they suppose to rescue someone? That is what super heroes do!  Surely there must be some kind of quest!

The author has a beautiful and heartfelt imagination.  Brilliance of colors in the description the author gives of the plant life and the inhabitants of Lexie World has been brought out in an explosion of vibrant colors by the illustrator's interpretation of the author's story.  You can tell by Kimberly's writing that she has a love for Planet Earth. 

This story is a fun way to teach your children to respect not just their space but that of all  Planet Earth.  If we take care of our world it will be a much better place for generations to come.  

I am looking forward to reading the other books about "The Three Lost Kids".

I highly recommend this books for educators, teachers, librarians and children of all ages.

I rated this book a 10, I mean a 5 out of 5.

I received a free digital copy of this book from Evolved Publishing for review. I was in no way compensated for this review it is my own opinion. 

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  2. I can totally relate to this, in terms of being the kid who had better things on her mind than picking up various items, and not losing them. Sounds like a great book! Thanks for linking in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop!


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