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The Thompson Twins Las Vegas Adventure by Lesa Hammond

About the book:

In Las Vegas Adventure, the twins go to Las Vegas to visit their father. When they spot their favorite television star Phoenix Skye, they embark on an adventure they will always remember. While there, they also meet Mr. Wilson, who is a successful executive. 

The Thompson Twins are devoted to inspiring students to live the best life they can. 

In the series, real role models come into the lives of Letty and Carlos Thompson. As the role models share their stories with the twins, they also share their story with the middle grade readers. The stories are designed to engage the reader with an entertaining story while teaching principles of achievement and success as practiced by everyday people who have a successful life.

The Thompson Twins Las Vegas Adventure by Lesa Hammond

Ages 8 - 12
ISBN: 978-0615668093
Publisher: Achievement U, Incorporated
Date of publish: July 2012
Pages: 140

Where to buy:  Barnes&NobleAmazonIndieBound,

About Lesa Hammond:

Lesa Hammond is the founder of Achievement U, Inc. She has worked in the field of education and human resources for more than 15 years and holds a PhD in Transformative Learning and Change. Her research focused on the process of unlearning oppression and role model theory. The Thompson Twins is a project of Achievement U, Inc. ( ) - A non-profit organization devoted to empowering young people to reach for their dreams.

My Thoughts:

Letty and Carlos Thompson are twins and they are on a great adventure in Las Vegas. Their father is giving them a tour of Las Vegas when they run into a childhood friend of their father's.  He invites them to visit and tour the hotel New York New York where he is an executive and a very successful business man.

Carlos is very impressed with Mr. Wilson's station in life and wanted to know how he got such an important job.  Mr. Wilson was more than happy to share with the twins about how important it is to go to college and get a good education.  He emphasizes good grades, persistence, self-discipline and honor.  Mr. Wilson is a perfect example of an amazing role model/mentor.

He had a couple of very special surprises for the twins that they would probably remember for the rest of their lives.  You will need to read the book to find all about their surprises. Plus they couldn't wait to share with their classmates all about Mr. Wilson and the things they saw and did while they were in Las Vegas at New York New York.

This was a fun book and it encourages a child to a better future.  It also teaches the importance of a good education and the need for role models/mentors.  This series is a must for all cultures of children.  Parents, teachers, librarians and anyone else that could have an influence on a child it is important for you to read this book with the children and discuss the book and encourage them to ask questions.  The website has other books in this series and important information that you might find helpful.

I highly recommend this book.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5.

I received a copy of this book from the author/Bostick Communications for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my own opinion.

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