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A Prayer for Little Kicker - Christ Center Read-Aloud Little Kicker Book - written and illustrated by Sandy Sprott

About Book:

A Prayer For Little Kicker is a refreshing story of love, peace and prayer.

Little Kicker is a newborn baby donkey with a big, wide world to experience. His parents and friendly farm animals (which have unique personalities) guide Little Kicker on this new journey of life. Their first step is to pray because they know that God has a special plan for Little Kicker as He does for all of us.

This is a versatile read-aloud book, available in hard cover or soft cover, appropriate for baby shower gifts and for children through age 8.

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About Sandy:

Sandy Sprott loves the Lord Jesus Christ first, her family second and then serving her Lord. She and husband Sam teach a fantastic group of second and third grade Sunday school kids. Sandy loves the art of storytelling, and has delighted adult and child audiences for years with her animated and dramatic teaching style.

Sandy is the author and illustrator of the Little Kicker read aloud picture books, and she is a speaker with a heart for children’s ministry. She and her husband enjoy supporting families by uplifting the value of children. Their Little Kicker books do just that. The first book of the series is A Prayer For Little Kicker.

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Sandy

  • Favorite Colors? Red, blue and yellow.
  • Favorite Food? Black walnut ice cream with Hershey’s Whoppers chocolate malt syrup.
  • Favorite TV Show? Mystery.
  • Favorite Hobby? Painting with watercolors, swimming, fishing and kayaking.
  • Favorite Movie? Pride & Prejudice, Second Hand Lions and The Sound of Music.
  • Favorite Music Group? No particular group.
  • Favorite Songs? Amazing Grace, L.O.V.E., Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Star Spangled Banner.
  • Favorite Sports Team? Arkansas Razorbacks.
  • Favorite Place To Visit? The Ozark Mountains, New Zealand, England and Bermuda.
  • Favorite Vacation Spot? Anywhere with her husband.
  • Favorite Drink? Mango juice by Naked.
  • What Kind Of Car Does She Drive? 2008 Prius, 2002 Chrysler Town & Country and 1928 Ford Tudor.
  • Dream Car? She is contented with what she has.
  • Sports Sandy Plays? Walking, swimming, kayaking and flying single engine aircraft, though she would have to renew her pilot’s license.
  • Is Sandy Married And Does She Have Any Kids? Marvelous husband of 47 years and two awesome children, Becky & Tony.
  • What Would Be Sandy’s Ultimate Day Off? Warm secluded beach with her hubby and a good book or on a mountain top.
  • What Video Game Could Sandy Whip Any Teenager At? No video games, but she does like difficult Sudoku puzzles.
  • What Is The Craziest Thing Sandy Has Ever Done? While standing in line to view Stalin’s body in his crystal coffin in Red Square in 1991, she made a statement that Stalin should have a proper burial. (An armed guard nearby followed her step by step for the remainder of her time at that location.)
  • Sandy’s Most Embarrassing Moment? When in the third grade, the bottom of her skirt caught on the top of the slide. As she descended the slide, her skirt ripped all the way down and left her with a waistband and only three inches of skirt. The boys came like magnets. She wore her friend’s long coat the rest of the day.

My Thoughts:

The birth of Little Kicker was a very special day for his parents.  They wanted to invite all their friends to come and say a prayer for Little Kicker to celebrate this special occasion.

All of their friends on the farm came to offer a prayer for Little Kicker to keep him safe and for him to know God and serve God in an assume way.

The author has not only written a precious rhyming story, she has added special facts and activities pertaining to the farm and many of God's creatures. It's colorfully written and illustrated in a way that will pull the child's imagination into this darling story about Little Kicker and of him being lifted up to God in prayer by family and friends.

I highly recommend this book.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5.

I received a copy of this book by the author for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.

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