Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Most Viewed Post - Recycled Blue Jeans Sewing Machine Cover

of all times. Wanted to share this with 
my friends and readers.

I am proud to say that in May 2011 my blue jean sewing machine cover was featured on Jill's Jembellish blog. I am very excited about this.
I use the pockets and belt looks for my scissors, seam ripper, and other sewing accessories I might need to start a sewing project.

I have lot of recycled jean fabric. I'd like to make a skirt with the jean top and calico or other print fabric for the skirt. If I get it done this weekend I will attach it to this post. I also have a lot of quilt squares cut out to make a Texas Longhorn Stadium Rag Quilt. But I found out that since the fabric is licensed I would not be able to sell it I can give it as a gift but I can't sell it.

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  1. Its good to hear about your most views post recycled blue jeans. I think that they really like your recycled blue jeans. It seemed that you really work hard just to make that cool blue jeans.


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