Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Changing Blog Design

Hello Readers,

I want to apologize for the constant changes in my blog design.  

I really liked the design I just removed but it would not allow the post dates or to share the post.  So I just went with a generic blog background and the problem is now cleared up.  

Now I would like to find a cute header for my blog.  I have hunted with no luck.  I want it to be able to appeal to parents, boys, girls, young adults, tweens, teens and children that visit this blog.  It would be nice if it was books/reading related.  

Here is one I am considering.
Blog Header -  Custom Name, Blog Title and Tag Line - Teacher Classroom Design - Little Monster

If you have any suggestions for a header please leave a comment with a link if possible.  

Have A Blessed Day,
Patricia aka Mamaw

1 comment:

  1. I have been wanting a new look on my blog. I love my background, but have grown tired of it.

    I don't have any suggestions on a header, but I am sure you will find one!

    Have a wonderful day



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