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ARE THE DINOSAURS DEAD, DAD? by Julie Middleton, illustrated by Russell Ayto ~ Giveaway

About Book 

What were the dinosaurs like when they were alive? Dave and Dad are about to find out!

Kids love to imagine what dinosaurs might have been like when they were alive. But when a trip to the museum turns into a real-life prehistoric encounter, Dave and his dad don't need to use their imaginations. As they walk through the rooms of the exhibit, Dave keeps trying to get his dad's attention. The dinosaurs around them spring to life, but Dad remains oblivious to the unfolding scene and keeps insisting the creatures are dead. Dave knows better though, and when they find themselves pursued by a hungry Tyrannosaurus, Dad finally realized it too!

Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? introduces young readers to dinosaur names and characteristics in a fun and silly format. After experiencing this witty, brightly illustrated story, readers will never look at a museum the same way again!
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  • ISBN-13: 9781561456901
  • Publisher: Peachtree Publishers, Ltd.
  • Publication date: 3/1/2013
  • Pages: 32
  • Age range: 4 - 8 Years
  • Product dimensions: 9.60 (w) x 11.60 (h) x 0.40 (d)

About Author

Julie Middleton lives in England with her husband Sam, children Frankie and Harley, and a cat named Joe Noodle.  Julie writes scripts and stories for children's television.  Are The Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? is her first picture book. She lives in England.

About Illustrator

Russell Ayto has illustrated more than sixty children's books, including one more sheep, where Teddy Bears Come From, and The Cow that Laid an Egg. He lives in England.

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My Thoughts
Dave and his Dad are visiting the Museum of Prehistoric Dinosaurs.  They have very long odd names that are hard to pronounce, but Dad takes the time to pronounce the names slowly so Dave will learn how to pronounce them correctly.  But after Dad walks off from each Dinosaur leaving Dave to continue to stare ate the creatures they come alive.  Dad told him it was just his imagination because they are indeed dead.  Boy does Dad get a big surprise when the badest of all dinosaurs ends up following them.  What will they do?

I couldn't wait to look the Dinosaur names up on the computer to learn even more about them. Very interesting indeed!

The story is fun and information and a lot of imagination in the author's writings.  The illustration are very funny, unique and creative and depicts the author's story to a T, Tyrannosaurus that is.

I recommend this book.  

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book from the Peachtree Publishers for review. I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my honest opinion. 

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