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Ripple's Effect by Shawn Achor and Amy Blankson, illustrated by Cecilia Rebora ~ Giveaway

Ripple's Effect
It takes big actions to make big changes. Or does it? In Ripple’s Effect, residents of an aquarium learn that sometimes a smile is all it takes to make a world of difference. Awash with charming illustrations, this delightful tale will show children that happiness is a choice they get to make for themselves.  

Age Group: K-3rd grade
Where to buy: Little Pickle Press,Amazon

About the Authors

Shawn Achor is the author of the national bestseller, The Happiness Advantage. He spent over a decade at Harvard University studying happiness. After graduating magna cum laude, he earned a master’s degree in Christian and Buddhist ethics, and won more than a dozen distinguished teaching awards for his work. To bridge the gap between what he and others had learned in research on happiness and what most people were utilizing in their daily lives, Shawn founded Good Think, Inc. He has traveled to 49 countries researching how happiness affects success rates.

Although Shawn’s work has been widely published, the research findings had never been shared with children. He decided to partner with his sister, Amy Blankson, to get this valuable information into kids’ hands early, so that a generation of children could be raised with the happiness advantage.

Amy Blankson has consulted for over 15 years with businesses, foundations, and nonprofit organizations around the country about how to create positive and productive leaders. A “serial entrepreneur,” she brings both passion and practicality to her work as Chief Operating Officer of Good Think, Inc. Amy received her B.A. from Harvard and an M.B.A. from Yale School of Management and was appointed by President Clinton to serve on the Board of Directors for the Corporation for National Service (which oversees AmeriCorps), and was named a Point of Light by Presidents Bush and Clinton.
Amy has devoted her career to teaching to teaching individuals of all ages to be positive, contributing members of society through civic engagement, philanthropy, and the professional spheres. As a mother of three, she hopes Ripple’s Effect will inspire young people to make a positive difference in their world.

Illustrated by Cecilia Rebora
Cecilia Rebora belongs to a creative family of painters, and a wood carver. Cecilia discovered what she enjoyed most in life was telling stories with pictures. She studied for three years at the Josep Serra I Abella School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, and it was there that she truly fell in love with the profession. She has since published around thirty children's books worldwide. When not illustrating, she enjoys sipping a hot cappuccino and faking in the sun on a chilly morning, but what she loves the most is to spend time with her two kids, Mateo, four, and Ines, three.

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My Thoughts on RIPPLE'S EFFECT

Ripple, a dolphin, has a new home, and as she enters the water she sees there are many other creatures in and around the tank. She is so excited that she swims around only to come beak to snout with a very mean looking shark. After he informs her she was not to play in the tank or else she would have to deal with him.  This really frighten her. The other creatures told her they never get to play because of Snark the shark.  How depressing this was for Ripple.

The trainer calls to Ripple and notices how sad she looks. She gave her some very good advice and made Ripple smile again. Ripple decided right then and there that she was not going to allow Snark to control her. She was going to play and maybe even make friends with him and his gang. 

I downloaded and read the lesson plan that was provided for educators on activities and more for this book. I was very impressed with all the activities and information that was available to teach and share with the children about this story. 

The authors have created a very sweet character in Ripple the dolphin and a very grouchy bully shark named Snark. In the two main characters they will teach a lesson in maintaining happiness within ones life and a positive attitude even in the face of a bully shark. The illustrator depicted the story in vibrant colors of the ocean and the marine creatures that live there, even if they do live in a tank.

I highly recommend this book to parents, grandparents, educators, and librarians.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.
Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book from Little Pickle Press for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my own opinion.

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  3. My son Tyler is into Sharks. I am running out of "Sharks" books for my son. This one is the newest and He will be tickled to see this new latest book. Thank you for the review and share.

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