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LIFE ACCORDING TO LIZ by Rebecca Williams Spindle and Madelyn Spindler

About Rebecca

Rebecca has a richly diverse heritage reaching from the Appalachia Mountains region of Virginia to shores of the Philippine Islands and nesting in the Wisconsin heartland. Her short stories have been featured in books by Mountain Girl Press and other published books. She's worked in Television, Radio, and performed in short feature films. She is a frequent speaker on the creative writing process for students of all ages. She has presented to Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum, UW Madison Literary Fest, Girl Scouts of Badgerland Council and at the South East Wisconsin Book Festival. She's a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and Vice President of the Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum. She has passion for a great story and an even greater desire to create inspiring characters that provide laughter, love and strength for whatever life throws their way.

She is co-writing the middle grade book series “The Tale of Two Sisters” with her daughter, Madelyn, for Little Creek Books (

Her career has spanned from on-air radio personality, television camera operator, script editor, assistant producer, and Human Resource professional at one of the leading trauma and research hospitals in the nation. She currently serves as the Vice President of the Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum. She resides in South Central Wisconsin with her husband, daughter, and rambunctious terriers.

About Book

LIFE ACCORDING TO LIZ delves further into the life of 11-year-old Liz McCormick. Sixth grade is not starting off great for Liz. Her best friend, Veronica, ditches her to hang out with the popular kids, she humiliates herself at the big homecoming parade and to top it all off, she has to come home every day to her pain of a big sister, Sara Jane. How is it that two sisters can be so different?

Not only does Liz have school to worry about, but she also is preparing her unpredictable goat, Ginny for the 4-H Festival, and she discovers her parents are having financial difficulties. As her twelfth birthday draws nearer, Liz wonders how she is going to make it through the ever-changing world of home life and middle school.

Sixth grade continues, and Liz faces more challenges that come with growing up. She begins to realize that maybe boys aren’t so gross, that true friends are hard to find and that you can always count on family. As her tastes and priorities change along with everything else in her life, Liz discovers that becoming a teenager isn’t as bad as she thought, and maybe she and Sara Jane are more alike than they think.

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My Thoughts

Liz is starting sixth grade with her best friend Veronica they are like sisters. The girls are starting sixth grade. Veronica seems to be changing to a girly girl where Liz is perfectly happy just being herself. Some would describe her as a tomboy. Veronica ends up making friends with the popular group and neglecting Liz. Since they have been so close over the years this is hard for Liz.

Then there is Liz's older sister Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane is sixteen and is still a pain. Liz caught Sarah Jane with a new cute guy Charlie but she is suppose to be exclusive with longtime boyfriend Jack. As far as Liz was concerned Jack was the best. She thought Sarah Jane was horrible cheating on Jack with Charlie.

Liz is in the 4-H and will be showing her goat Ginny. At the 4-H meet she makes friends with a wild and crazy girl named Paula. She also seems to noticing the boys more which is very confusing to her as to why she was thinking so much about boys here lately. She was especially noticing and being noticed by a boy named Robbie.

To make things even more complicated for her she has to give up her room to her Grandma that has just moved in with her family. Sarah Jane is not dealing very well with the idea of Liz sharing her room.

This book reminded me of my older sister and me. She was two years older than me and saw me as a pain. The story is pretty typical of sisters relationships at that age. I was telling my fifteen year old twin granddaughters about the book and they piped up and said they would read the series. So I will be passing the books to them.

I enjoyed reading about the relationship between Liz and her grandmother. The grandmother was able to show Liz that she was just as pretty as Sarah Jane. Liz turning twelve is a really difficult age for girls. So many changes to deal with. Their emotions and hormones are all over the place.

I recommend this book for tweens and young adults.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5. More than likely a tween would give it a five.

I received a free copy of the book from the author for review. I was in no way compensated for this review. It was my own opinion.

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  1. Hi Pat, this sounds like a terrific read for teenage girls. Adolescence is difficult, really. So I felt sorry to read about Liz's troubles with her friend and sister. Hope your grand daughters enjoy reading this one.

    Also, I was soooo happy to hear from you on FB. Thanks for the birthday wishes, dear Pat! Catch you around ~


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