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Giveaway/Review - Three Hens and a Peacock written by Lester L. Laminack illustrated by Henry Cole

About Lester 

Lester L. Laminack is Professor Emeritus from department of Birth-Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle Grades Education, at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina where he received two awards for excellence in teaching [the Botner Superior Teaching Award and the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award]. Lester is now a full-time writer and consultant working with schools throughout the United States. He is an active member of the National Council of Teachers of English and served three years as co-editor of the NCTE journal Primary Voices and as editor of the Children’s Book Review Department of the NCTE journal Language Arts (2003-2006). He also served as a teaching editor for the magazine Teaching K-8 and wrote the Parent Connection column (2000-2002). He is a former member of the Whole Language Umbrella Governing Board, a former member of the Governing Board and Secretary of the North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children, and a former member of the Board of Directors for the Center for the Expansion of Language and Thinking. He served as the Basic Reading Consultant to Literacy Volunteers of America from 1987 through 2001. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Our Children’s Place [].

His academic publications include several books including Learning with Zachary (Scholastic), Spelling in Use (NCTE), Volunteers Working with Young Readers (NCTE), and his contributions to The Writing Workshop: Working Through the Hard Parts (NCTE), Learning Under the Influence of Language and Literature (Heinemann) Reading Aloud Across the Curriculum (Heinemann, Cracking Open the Author’s Craft (Scholastic) and Unwrapping the Read Aloud (Scholastic). In addition he has several articles published in journals such as The Reading Teacher, Early Years, Science and Children, Language Arts, Teaching pre-K/​8, Primary Voices, and Young Children. Lester is also the author of six children’s books: The Sunsets of Miss Olivia Wiggins, Trevor’s Wiggly-Wobbly Tooth, Saturdays and Tea Cakes, Jake’s 100th Day of School, Snow Day! and most recently, Three Hens and a Peacock all from Peachtree Publishers.

Lester was born July 11, 1956 in Flint, Michigan. His mom and dad had left their families in Alabama and moved to Michigan where his dad, Jimmy, worked for GM. But Michigan is long way from Alabama when you have a two year old and a brand new baby. So, just two weeks after Lester was born his parents packed everything and moved back to their hometown, Heflin, Alabama. They wanted Lester and his brother Scott to grow up near grandparents, aunts and uncles and lots of cousins.

When Lester was 6 the family moved again. This time to Zachary, LA where Lester attended part of 1st and all of 2nd grade. Then they moved back to Heflin where he completed 3rd grade and 4th grade. In April of 1966, while he was in the 4th grade, Lester's sister, Amanada, was born. She was so little when they brought her home that he had to hold her on a pillow. Every day when he came home from school he held her and told her stories. Some people think that's why he is a writer. Lester and Amanda have always been very close even though he is 10 years older.

When Scott was in the 7th grade and Lester was in the 5th grade and Amanda was just one year old the family moved again. This time it was to Key West, FL. They lived there under a year before moving back to Alabama.

Lester finished high school back in Heflin and then earned a BS and MS in Elementary Education from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL. Then he earned an Ed.D. in Elementary Education and Reading from Auburn University, Auburn AL.

And now Lester lives downtown in Asheville, North Carolina. He starts every day with a cup of coffee, loves to listen to music and NPR. He plays saxophone and a Native American flute made from river cane. He reads a lot of children's books, Southern Fiction, poetry, and books on teaching reading and writing. He loves taking drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway and along the two-lane roads in the countryside.

For more information go to author's website here.

About Book

Hardcover, 29 pages
Age 4-8
Published March 1st 2011 by Peachtree Publishers
ISBN 1561455644 (ISBN13: 9781561455645)
literary awards Children's Choice Book Awards Best Book for Kindergarten - Second Grade

Nothing unusual ever happened on the Tuckers farm. Until the day that peacock showed up...

When a glamorous visitor lands unexpectedly in their midst and begins attracting customers, three hardworking hens protest: How come we do all the hard work and he gets all the attention? To keep the peace, the wise old hound dog suggests a swap. The hens and the peacock soon find out that others jobs aren t always as easy as they seem. What will happen when three gussied-up hens spend the day prancing and parading at passing cars? And will that peacock ever figure out how to lay an egg?

Visit illustrator Henry Cole on his website and play games. 
You will have a blast!

Where to buy this book: 
Barnes & Noble

My Thoughts

Another day on the Tucker's farm.  The dog is snoozing on the porch,  the hens are laying eggs and the cows are chewing their cud.  That is until a truck passing by the farm has a crate fall off the bed of the truck cracking it open as it hits the ground and a peacock stumbles out of the crate.

The peacock makes himself at home on the Tucker's farm but the he is at a lose as to what he is suppose to do on a farm.

We all have talents or skills that is useful to our existence.  What could the peacock do to be useful on a farm? So far the three hens think the only thing he is good at is screaming and strutting his feathers. What good is the screaming and strutting?  I know do you?  Surely there is some way he can be useful on the farm.

What makes you an asset at your home, school or job?  We should all be thankful for what God has given us and put it to good use.  Do you have a talent or skill? What is it?

I really enjoy this book it is an good example as to the fact God has put every creature on this earth with a purpose.  This book will open the child's imagination to see the prissy peacock  really was a benefit to the farm.

The illustrations took the author's words and used bold and bright colors for the characters and scenery to complete the story for children of all ages to enjoy.  I know I enjoyed Three Hens and a Peacock and will be sharing it with all my grandchildren.  I recommend you get this fun book for that special child or children in your life.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

I received a copy of this book from Peachtree Publisher for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review. It was my own opinion.

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  1. I've heard this book is funny. It sounds like it would be funny any way.

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  3. Sounds like a great story! My 3-year old is sitting next to me and is already asking me to read it to him. He loves books. Thanks for the giveaway. Following you on Linky.
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  4. We have a winner and the winner is Heidi Grange!


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