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Reading Ideas for Summer Part 2 by Becky at Tales of Beauty for Ashesat Tales fo

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Reading Ideas for Summer Part 2

 If you are going to get your child to go deeper in their reading, then you need to ask questions. It is essential.

Think about it, when you are dating, what do you do to get to know someone on a deeper level?


This is the best thing to do when building comprehension and helping them remember and enjoy what they are reading. These questions are not the questions you remember from school. These are questions you would ask your girlfriends in a weekly book club. Here are some examples:

  • If you could be any character in the book, who would you be? 
  • What is something the character did, that you would have done differently? 
  • If you could change the ending of the book, what would it be? 
  • If you could get a lesson out of that chapter, what would the lesson be? 
  • What is your favorite part? Why? 
 Here is a list of questions from Laura Candler 

 With questions, it is amazing the questions your kids will be able to come up with on their own. Let them come up with their own questions for discussion. Why not start your own family book club? Don't know how? It's super easy - you can do it in five steps!
  1. Choose a book that your child/children will enjoy 
  2. Decide a date to meet weekly 
  3. Pick how much you want to read each week (this could also be something you decide each week as you go along) 
  4. Come ready with questions - see above 
  5. Let each member come up with one or two of their own deep questions about the book. 
  • Note: A deep question is one that cannot be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no' See? Easy-peasy!  
If you have any further questions, feel free to email me! I love being able to help you in your literacy journey!

What are some discussion questions you use when reading?

Becky, Thanks for this marvelous post about 
Reading Ideas for Summer.  I am sure my viewers 
will appreciate it as much as I do. 

Patricia aka Mamaw

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  1. Great questions, and I think this is important. I just recently got asked if I could live the life of any character, who would it be and why. I'd never thought in such complex terms before! It was so much fun! Of course the answer came from the books I'm currently obsessing about, but these kinds of questions open up so much possibility for growth and creative interaction. Great post!


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