Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fav Craft Tutorial Contestant Maiden D'Shade

Hello! I'm Kim from Maiden D'Shade! I blog mainly about crafty/thrifty stuff but I've also shared a couple recipes. I just started doing recipe reviews. Feel free to explore more at my blog!

Sometimes you see a recipe online and think that it looks or sounds good but don't know if you really want to try it. I happen to really like trying new recipes so I thought that I could review some on occassion for y'all. This is the second one I've done:

Ok, so Alton Brown really isn't a fellow blogger per se, but he does post on his own website so that kinda counts and let's face it, he has some darn tootin' good recipes! And this is one of his simple ones. When the hubs and I saw him make these on his show, we raised our eyebrows, we thought he was crazy and knew we totally had to try it! So we did and these are really good!! Easy, too!

Alton Brown's Koolickles
1 gallon jar of whole pickles
2 packets cherry Kool-Aid
1 pound sugar (~2 cups)

Drain the pickle juice into a bowl

Remove pickles from jar.

Cut pickles in half lengthwise and put pickles back in the jar

My daughter helped with the next part. Add Kool-Aid packs and the sugar to the pickle juice. Instead of sugar, I used 2 cups of Splenda.

Mix well.

Pour cherry pickle juice back into jar.

Secure lid and put in refridgerator for 1 week.

Then enjoy!! 

Really, you will! Don't be afraid of these! Oh! Make and take them to your Labor Day BBQ!! They'll be the talk of the crowd! Serve them in bite size pieces so they're less antimidating!

Thanks for checking this out!

Kim, thank you for sharing this tutorial with us.  I can't wait to go to the store and buy a big jar of pickles and try this out.  Good luck with the contest!

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Patricia aka Mamaw


  1. Sounds yummy...i cant wait to try it tooo ..:)

  2. Sounds and looks yummy!!! I am hungry now!!! You have really nice blog :)

  3. Great blog!! Can't wait to try the pickles!

  4. those pickles sound interesting! Thanks for linking to our Wednesday blog/shop hop!

  5. great recipe ... it's to bad im not a pickle fan!

  6. Looks like a unique summer snack!! Thank you!!


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