Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TEXAS BLUE by Jodie Thomas

I am almost finished reading EDGE OF ESCAPE BY DEBRA CHAPOTON. I is a fantastic book can't wait to do the review in a day or so. Read more about it on my book blog It's Time To Read Mamaw.

Next I will be reading TEXAS BLUE by JODIE THOMAS. It is the most recent book #5 in the WHISPERING MOUNTAIN SERIES. I loved the other books in this series and have been very anxious to read this newest book. This series is about orphaned McMurray boys caring for their newborn baby sister. Plus trying to defend the family ranch from being taken from them. Can you image young boys defending their land and home without the help of their parents. If you haven't already read any of these books in this series I highly recommend you to buy or borrow the books and enjoy.

I have been very distracted from my reading because of my lab puppies but now that I have found wonderful homes for all eight of them I will be able to relax and read.

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