Thursday, July 14, 2011

CONTEST Starting In August Your FAVORITE TUTORIAL - Sponsors Needed Also

I am wanting to find some crafty people that love to show off there crafts.How would you like to be a guest and work your wonders through your favorite tutorial?

There has to be some talented crafters out there that are not too shy to give my viewers a craft or sewing tutorial.

Then I will have the viewers vote at the end of the month for the best tutorial of the month.

We can't have a contest without Sponsors. So who would like to donate something to give to the crafter that wins the contest.

If the contest goes well it will continue each month.

Also is there anyone who would be willing to help advertise the contest. I made a badge/button to advertise the contest that way whoever wants to grab it and display it on their blog they can.


  1. Your blog is so cute!! Thanks for stopping by followig you back :)

  2. If you have trouble finding sponsors, I can make my vintage-inspired Fleur-de-Lis gift tags!
    Thanks for the follows on my blog! I knew I followed you. It was just this blog. I didn't know about your other blog!
    style decor 1 at gmail dot com

  3. I wish I was crafty, LOL! I'm just good at letting my kids get messy ;-)

    Good luck!

  4. Hi,

    I found you through Blogaholic. I would be interested in doing a little tutorial if you would like. Feel free to check out my blog, Ninth Street Notions to see what I do.


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