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Family Changes, Explaining Divorce to Children by Dr. Azmaira H. Maker

About Book 

 “Divorce” is a big word…especially for little kids. It’s hard for young children to understand what the word means, let alone how it will impact their lives—and it’s hard for us, as grown-ups, to explain it to them in terms they can fully comprehend.Nonetheless, when a child is involved in a family divorce or separation, it is crucial that he or she understands and embraces the changes… and this book will help you explain the transitions to your child.Family Changes is a delightfully informative children’s book that tackles a complicated topic in compassionate, child-friendly terms. Ideal for young minds aged four through eight, it features a colorful cast of fuzzy characters led by a young bunny na­­med Zoey, who is struggling with her parents’ divorce and is riddled by important questions and feelings your child is likely to encounter.In addition to the heartfelt story at its core, Family Changes also offers parents, therapists, teachers, and caregivers valuable information on how to ease children through this significant life change. A comprehensive note to parents and a list of essential child-focused questions are provided to guide the adult and child, and are certain to be an asset to both children and adults involved in the divorce/separation process.

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 The book identifies and normalizes young children’s feelings, concerns, and questions about parental divorce. Feelings of sadness, anxiety, loss, confusion, and anger are highlighted for the child via safe adults, peers, and fantasy. The book emphasizes that with young children, moving between play, process, and fantasy is a therapeutically effective mechanism to ‘work through’ anxiety-provoking content.Family Changes also serves as a guideline for adults in terms of what to expect developmentally, emotionally, and cognitively from young children. It provides adults with specific statements, questions, and content related to separation and divorce that facilitates a developmental and normative understanding of the child’s concerns and feelings.The aim of the book is not to offer a magical solution or even resolution at the end of the story. Rather, the ending of the story suggests that understanding and coping with divorce is likely to be a longer-term developmental process, and not a one-time conversation.

About Author

Azmaira H. Maker, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist, author, and speaker who has been working with children, parents, and families for twenty years. Dr. Maker specializes in child development, parenting, and psychotherapy and has extensive experience working in hospitals, schools, clinical agencies, and nonprofit organizations. She has also taught and supervised graduate and undergraduate students in child development, child therapy, play therapy, family therapy, parent guidance, trauma, and loss, and has published several research and theoretical articles in scientific, peer-reviewed professional psychology journals. She brings a wealth of experience working with divorcing families to Family Changes, which is certain to educate, enlighten, and empower children and parents.

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My Thoughts

Zoey the bunny confronts her mother and father aboutht seperation and divorce. They do their best to to reassure her nothing will will change about how they feel about her and it is in no way her fault.

Zoey is trying to enjoy a treasure hunt at school and deal with her feelings at the same time.  She is having fun but keeps feeling sad and confused.

This children's is so much more than a story book.  It is a lifeline to a child coping with family changes as in seperation between mother and father, even divorce.

Sometimes have no idea how much a child really worries from not seeing the whole picture only picking up on bits and pieces.  Well, this little book is full of good bunny advice.  I also like that Zoey had a friend she turned to when she was confused and sad.

I recommend this book even for children who are not experiencing family changes.  Maybe they know someone like Zoey and will better comprehend the child's situation  a little better and maybe even comfort them with a little advice from this book.

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

Disclosure:  I recieved a free copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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