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Why Spiders Have Big Bottoms by Storyteller and Children's Author Dr. Mike Lockett

About Book:

The book is bilingual - in English - Chinese.  Soon to be English - Spanish. 

Why Spiders Have Big Bottoms - ISBN 978-0 – 9771816-9-8 Adapted from the African American folktale of Anansi and the River Spirits – Anansi first appeared in West African folktales and traveled with the African culture to every part of the earth. Children and adults everywhere like to read about Anansi, Sometimes appearing as a spider, sometimes as a man – Anansi is always entertaining. Anansi is intelligent, However, his greed sometimes causes odd things to happen to him and to those around him. This story tells how Anansi causes all spiders to have a small head and a very large bottom. The book is bilingual - in English and Chinese. The book will be released in English-Spanish the end of 2013. Sky Food was published by Santa Publishing in Taiwan (2012) in collaboration by Heritage Schoolhouse Press. The book will be distributed by Small Press United starting in April, 2013.

Bio for Dr. Mike Lockett - THE NORMAL STORYTELLER
Dr. Michael Lockett is a teller of traditional tales in a non-traditional manner. Mike is a lifelong storyteller and had added writing children's books to his bio .  Lockett has been telling stories for 40 years in his positions as a storyteller, teacher, principal, central office administrator and educational consultant.  Because he lives in the small town of Normal, Illinois, he enjoys being called "The Normal Storyteller."  But, there is little that is NORMAL about Mike.  He brings high energy and creative uses of audio sound effects to his family friendly stories.
Mike has given more than 3000 presentations and workshops in 27 states across the United States and as far away as eastern Asia.  He has performed in fourteen countries.  He is the author of The Basics of Storytelling (Taiwan, 2008).  Lockett hopes to soon release a revised version of the book for the American market.  He released a DVD of children's stories in Taiwan in August, 2008.  An American version of the DVD, "Tales of Delight," was released in June, 2009 and received the 2009 DVD of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine.  Dr. Lockett has produced 5 audio CDs of stories and music.  The most recent audio CD is Christmas from the Heart.  (2012).  Dr. Lockett has received a total of nineteen awards for his books and audio storytelling products.  He is among the one of the top 1% most endorsed storytellers on @LinkedIn in United States for his storytelling abilities. 
Dr. Lockett has published eight children's bilingual picture books (Chinese and English).  The first four books were released by Brilliant International Group to the Asia market during Dr. Lockett's tour of Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai and Hong Kong in July/August, 2009.  Two new books were released in January, 2010 during Dr. Lockett's sixth tour of eastern Asia.  All six books have been rated as "Family Approved" by the Dove Foundation.  The books can be seen on the products page of this website.  The six books are also available for purchase on this site.  American book stores can go to Small Press United to order the books.   The two newest books were released in November, 2012 by Santa Publishing in Taiwan.  Two more books are scheduled to be released by Santa in early 2013 and should be available in the USA by spring of 2013.  Dr. Lockett has written an eleventh book with 20 stories for young children that will be released by Korean publisher JY Books sometime in 2013.

Author's website:

PR Photo Alt. Jan 08     recording_in_taiwan_250  doveanyage_125  book_signing_at_taipei_library_200  
Mike Lockett is a regular presenter at schools, libraries, churches, festivals and conferences. He has served multiple times as a storyteller and keynote speaker at the Illinois Young Author's Conference. He gives frequent reading and writing talks and assemblies at public and parochial schools.
Mike's stories have played on a variety of radio programs:
  • WVEW-LP 107.7FM in Brattleboro, VT. - The Monkey and Mama Program
  • KSVY-FM in Sonoma, CA - Storylovers' World - with radio and storytelling host, Jackie Baldwin
  • CJLY Kootenay Co-Op Radio - Nelson. British Columbia, Canada - Tale Spinners & Mortimer Nelson
  • Radio Taiwan International - The Voice of Taiwan -
  • - World of Storytelling Radio - Mike Lockett's stories are part of a rotation of stories by some of the finest storytellers in the USA.  This computerized radio station is free to listen to.  Visitors to Dr. Lockett's site are encouraged to click on the link and listen to Mike and many other storytellers.  If you like what you hear - please follow directions on the radio site to rate Mike's stories.  Better ratings helps the stories get played more often. The station was the brainchild of storyteller, Don (Buck) Creasey.  The station is supported by the National Storytellng Network and the Christian Storytelling Network.
  • WJBC - 1230 AM in Bloomington, IL and WOAM - 1350 AM Radio in Peoria, IL have interviewed Dr. Lockett about his storytelling programs.  Lockett was interviewed by Royce Elliott on the "Royce and Roger Morning Show."ught

My Thoughts 

Dr. Mike Lockett has made quite the impression on me as being a wonderful storyteller.  He is so animated when writing or telling a story.  It is very apparent he loves being a storyteller.  He wants to share his stories with children all around the world.  He has created his books so they can be read in English and another language on the flip side of the book.  This is how the book I am reviewing today is created.  It is English on one side and Chinese on the other side. It  is also soon to be available in Spanish.  Ingenious isn't it!

This story is from African American Folklore about Anansi the shape-shifter.  In this book he is a spider.  The title of the book says it all Why Spiders Have Big Bottoms.  Anasi was greedy no matter what shape he choice to take. 

In my searches about Chinese language I found it has become a popular language even over learning the Spanish language..If  children are already learning chinese or if you are interested in this within future  these would be some great books to start with. No matter what language, the story is very entertaining.  Enjoyable for the young and old.

The illustrations are a language of their own as a illustrations that can tell a story to those that have yet to learned to read.

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a 6 out of 5.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the author for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  This review is my honest opinion.


  1. Dear Patricia - Needless to say - I am thrilled by your post. But - most of all I am so happy to see that you recognize my need to serve children and families through my books and stories. Thank you for your kind words. Mike Lockett

    1. Thanks for being my favorite storyteller. You are a true blessing. Today I am compelled to share this blogpost again


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