Friday, July 19, 2013

Update on My Hubby's Triple Baypass

My hubby was released from the hospital Sunday, July 14th.  On Tuesday he could not see so I rushed him back to the hospital.  They found he had a stroke that caused him to loose most of his vision.  I feel blessed that he was left with a little at least.  He got really scared when they told him it was a stroke and that his heart was functioning at 20%.   But he feels much better today emotionally.  Please continue to pray for him and me.  I had a little break down yesterday.  Everything looked so bleak when we got the news.  We trust God has a plan for us and it is very apparent he will not be driving a big rig anymore.

They let him come home today which he was glad to be home and in his own bed.

Thanks for all love and support I have received from friends and family.  Yes that includes my blogger friends and readers, too.


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