Saturday, January 26, 2013

FREE TODAY at the KINDLE STORE! Eville, USA (KiteReaders Monster Series) by Julia Dweck

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Free! Yes I said, Free!  
Written by Julia Dweck, Art by Fian Arroyo

About Book
Have you ever wondered where monsters, zombies, and villains go on holiday? Once a year, they meet in a town called, Eville, U.S.A. You’ve never heard of it? Well, most humans haven’t. Being a monster is exhausting work. You spend long hours, plotting, planning, and lurking. Down in Eville, U.S.A., monsters of all shapes and sizes meet to take a break and relax. Join them on holiday. You’ll have a monstrously good time!

Published by KiteReaders

About Julia Dweck

Julia writes children’s stories for digital and traditional publication. Her stories span the spectrum of humor, fantasy, and edutainment in rhyme and in prose. Julia’s background in elementary education affords her the opportunity to be in touch with what children want to read about and what makes them giggle. Julia collaborates with some of the leading artists in the world of children’s literature. Julia is also a designer of educational adjuncts for children’s literature, and has worked with such notable publishing houses as Penguin Young Readers.

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  1. I was bummed at first to see that I had missed this being free, but then delighted to find out that it's still free to borrow for Prime members!
    Thanks for sharing this with the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  2. We reviewed this one last October for Halloween - LOVED it! :)


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