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The Unhappy Little Dragon: Lessons Learned written by Carolyn Wolfe Illustrated by Leslie Mathis

About Carolyn Wolfe

Carolyn Wolfe is a published poet and author, whose books range from poetry to light fantasy and children's literature. 

In this, her sixth book, she has created a story about a little Dragon who has to come to terms with his challenge of not being able to manage his gift of breathing fire. The story involves a journey to find out how to use his gift wisely and will end up teaching him about himself and giving back to the community! 

Ms. Wolfe lives in the Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia, with her photographer husband, Scott Wolfe and her many animal companions. 

For more information about Carolyn Wolfe and her books, you can visit her website at 

Little Dragon Synopsis

This is the tale of a little Dragon who has a big problem, he cannot control his fire! After a major mishap, he runs away into the forest and has a wonderful adventure where he meets new friends, learns that every creature has a unique gift, and also finds out the special way in which he can use his own remarkable gift of fire.

Little Dragon Excerpt 

Shelley asked, looking at Happy expectantly. Shelley The Turtle said,"Let me ask you something son, when you practice your fire burning skills-what do you tell yourself?" "Tell myself? What do you mean?" asked Happy not understanding what his new friend was getting at. Shelley answered, "Well, maybe I should ask instead, how do you feel when you practice holding in your flame? "Oh that! I feel scared, so scared that I will fail and burn everything up!" Happy answered sadly. "Well now, I have a suggestion for you. Try feeling like you will not burn everything up. Instead tell yourself you will succeed in keeping your fire to yourself!" Shelley told him. "But I am so scared. I really don't think I can tell myself that I won't burn everything up when I know I will!" Happy argued in a worried little voice. Shelley looked at Happy's very unhappy face and said,"I have news for you Happy, and I want you to listen to me now!" Then Shelley continued to explain. "Dragons aren't the only ones who have special gifts, Happy, no, no! All of the animals were given a special gift of one kind or another. All of us had to learn how to use it wisely, just like you. You sort of have to grow into your gift, like growing up! That's why the animals need a teacher. Can you guess what my special gift is?" Shelley asked, expectantly. Happy didn't know the answer so he shook his head and just kept quiet. "Why Happy, I am a teacher!" Shelley said proudly. 

My Thoughts

This is a fantasy about a little dragon that had a problem, not a little problem a big problem.  At inappropriate times Little Dragon would  open his mouth and fire would come out. He just couldn't seem to control it. After another episode of uncontrolled  fire which caused much damage at a family reunion he ran from the house into the forest. He ran until he was too tired to run anymore. He was so tired he laid down and fell asleep.  When he awoke he found a turtle watching him.  After Little Dragon explained to the turtle why he was so far from home they became friends and ventured into the forest and  and made many more friends. Each one complimenting him on his amazing gift then sharing that they also had their own gift. 

The author put to paper the fear, nervousness and lack of self esteem Little Dragon had in himself and his gift of fire. It also shows he had shame and embarrassment over his gift.With encouragement from friends and family he felt much better about himself. 

The illustrations depicted the tale in a colorful way that made the words dance off the pages.

I highly recommend this book.

I rate this book 

I was given a free copy of this book by the author for review. I was in no way compensated for this review. It is my own opinion.

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