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Review & Giveaway: I CAN DO IT MYSELF writted by Diane Adams and illustrated by Nancy Hayashi

Diane Adams About the Author 
I’ve loved books ever since my favorite grandma introduced me to Peter Rabbit and his wonderfully naughty adventures when I was just three years old. She also introduced me to impressionist art through a tiny book of paintings that featured a young girl about my age on the cover. I didn’t know until many years later that the painting was by Renoir and that the title was “A Girl with a Watering Can.” I just knew that I liked the little girl and that the book's small size fit perfectly into my three year old hands.

My mom bought me plenty of books too - many by a man named Dr. Seuss. I couldn’t get enough of his zany characters who found trouble wherever they looked. Maurice Sendak had a place in my heart also with Max and his mischievous ways in Where the Wild Things Are. Hmmm. Is there a pattern here?

Books have been a huge part of my life since I can remember, and I’m grateful that now I get to create books that may someday become a part of another young person’s life. Happy reading, dreaming, and creating!

Diane is the author of Zoom!, I Can Do It Myself!, Teacher’s Little Helper (Spring 2012), and Two Hands to Hold You (Spring 2013), and she is the illustrator of A Home for Salty. She holds an M.A. in English Literature from Cal State University,San Bernardino. Awards & Distinctions: Kirkus and School Library Journal reviews for I Can Do It Myself! Parents’ Choice Recommendation for I Can Do It Myself! Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award Nomination for I Can Do It Myself! Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended Reading List for I Can Do It Myself! Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended Reading List for Zoom! Minnesota Read Aloud Book Award Nominee for Zoom!

About Ilustrator:

Nancy Hayashi has illustrated seven picture books, including I Can Do It Myself!, Bunny Bungalow, which won a 2000 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award; Wanda's Monster, a CCBC Choice; and What Did You Do Today?, also a CCBC Choice. She lives in California.

About Book:

Emily Pearl can do lots of things by herself. But sometimes even resourceful little girls need help. Emily Pearl is a very big girl. She can pour her own juice. She can tie her own shoes. She can feed her goldfish. She can even curl her own hair. Whenever her mother tries to help, Emily says, “I can do it myself!”

But even a very big girl like Emily can sometimes feel a teeny bit small, especially at bedtime when dark shadows creep across the walls of her bedroom. Lucky for Emily, her mom understands and gives her a helping hand.

Young children will surely recognize themselves in Diane Adams’s delightful, rhyming story of one child’s determined quest for independence. Nancy Hayashi’s charming illustrations complement the text, colorfully capturing the chaotic ups and downs in the life of a preschooler.

I Can Do It Myself Activities 
  • Write a story about what you can do by yourself. 
  • Draw a picture of something that you still like your mom or dad to do for you.
  • Plan to try one new thing this week that you haven’t done before. 
  • Share with the class your bedtime routine.

Where to Buy Book:

My Thoughts:

Emily Pearl is like many of our little girls and boys in that she wants to do everything for herself.  Usually the problem at her age is that it is not done how we hope it to be done.  Most of the time there will be a mess to clean up like in Emily Pearl's case.  She gets it done and if her mom asks to help her she tells mom, "I can do it myself".  Some of us may have heard or hear " Me do it!" or "NO!!! Me do!!".

Emily Pearl can tie her shoes, spread peanut butter, draw a picture and many other things.  Just ask her and she will tell you "I can do it myself."

The author is so in touch with this subject and brought it to light in a fun way with her talented writing of the characters she created.

The illustrations are outstanding depicting the activities of Emily Pearl and the reactions of the mother presented by the author.

This is a darling book that our children will definitely relate to and so will all the parents.

I rated book 

I received a free copy of this book from Peachtree Publisher for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review it is my own opinion.

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Thanks to Peachtree Publisher, Diane Adams and Nancy Hayashi   for bringing us this darling book.

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  1. Well, having raised 5 children, I heard "I can do it myself" many, many times. However, the most recent was upon visiting my daughter who was pregnant and had 3 little ones. She needed help and I was there to help. Knowing that little ones need lots of help, it was entertaining and encouraging to hear her little girls say, "I can do it myself, Grandma."

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  3. Vera, thanks for the comment and congrats on having another grandbaby. The are such blessings!

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