Monday, October 17, 2011

Two of My Daughters and Their Family

My daughter Laura and her family have adopted a new dog.  They lost their beloved pet a couple of years ago and have had a hard time deciding another dog.  So here she is 5 months old.

Two of My Daughters, Monica and Laura

Laura and Husband Micheal Awww!

Monica and her other half Justin how sweet!!!

Laura's Twin girls Shailyn and Shelbie age 15  and as toddlers CUTE!

Monica's son Kyler in the back and daughter Macy age 2 on right.
Laura's son Brady age 3 on Left   My grandbabies!!

Laura's daughter Makayla who turned 8 on the 15th.
Happy Birthday sweetie!

Monica's girls Little Macy Moo and Corby, Darling !


  1. Aww...I love Bull Dogs! She is so freaking cute! What's her name? Btw...the family pics are precious. Hope you are feeling better.


  2. Great pics! The twins are so pretty!


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