Monday, October 31, 2011

Tulle Tutu How-To by Natalie @Growing Up A NJ Wife And Mom

   Growing up a NJ Wife
Introducing Natatalie @ Growing Up A NJ Wife And Mom:
She will be sharing one of her tutorials with us today.
Isn't her model a little doll. That little doll is her baby girl.

5-6 yards of tulle
1.  Assemble your materials
2.  Cut the tulle into strips (My tulle happened to
be twice as wide as I wanted the length to be so I
cut it in half, and then cut strips.)  The width of
the strips will determine the poofiness of the skirt.
3.  After you cut the tulle into strips you are going
to fasten them to ribbon.  Remember that the ribbon
should match the skirt because you will see it. 
4.  Tie the strips to the ribbon.  See picture
below. (You are going to loop around)  After the
 third step pull the ends through until tight.
5.  Repeat until your skirt is full, then place
 it on a baby!

Thank you Natalie for sharing your Tutu Tutorial with us.  It is darling and so is the baby!

Patricia aka Mamaw

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