Sunday, July 5, 2015

Chooky-Doodle-Doo by Jan Whiten, illustrated by Sinéad Hanley

About Book

Fresh illustrations, a rollicking text, and a growing succession of cute little chicks make the counting go down easy. 
When one big-eyed chick fails to yank its prize worm from the ground, it’s time to bring in a friend—and then another, and another. But if adding a rooster to the crew still doesn’t do the trick, could it be that a worm isn’t always what it seems? Each turn of the page brings a new number and a new rhyme in this delightful debut from both author and illustrator.  

isbn-10/isbn-13: 0763673277 / 9780763673277
Published March 24, 2015
Published by Candlewick Press
Format: Picture Books / Hardback
age range: 2 yrs - 5 yrs
pages: 32 /size 8 5/8" x 7 7/8"
grade range: Preschool - Kindergarten 
subjects: Animals; Concepts; Social Issues

About Author

Jan Whiten spent her early years at a tiny rural school with one room and one teacher for all grades. Her love of reading children’s books led her to write her own stories, and Chooky-Doodle-Doo is her first book. She lives in Australia.

About IIllustrator

Sinéad Hanley uses pencil, paper cuts, textures, and screen printing in her artwork, which is inspired by folklore, nature, optical art, and her collection of kitsch books and encyclopedias. This is her first book. She lives in Australia.

My Thought

One then a total of five little chooky chicks working so hard to pull a worm from the ground. Then they enlist the rooster to help them pull.  

Cock-a-doddle-doo what will they do?

With all this pulling what could be making this worm cling so tight in the ground?  Could the worm be wrapped tightly around  a rock?  What kind of worm is this?

I thought these little chicks were so cute and very determined to have this worm out of the ground. They also showed great teamwork!  It reminds me of the old saying, "Try and try again!".

I very much enjoyed the rhyme and rhythm of this tale and let me not forget the major cuteness of the coloful illustrations!

I highly recommend this book!

I rated this book a 5 out of 5!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from Candlewick Press for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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