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Filbert the Good Little Fiend by Hiawyn Oram and Jimmy Liao

About Filbert:

Daddy and Mommy Fiend want their little Filbert to be gruesome and ghastly, but he won’t trample or terrify, roar or holler. He’d much rather help an old lady with her bags or go bird-watching. What are they to do with him? When Filbert starts school, he quickly learns that good behavior isn’t tolerated in class, and he is banished outside until he can act like a proper little fiend. Suddenly a little angel appears, flying fast and furious until...bump! Could this naughty Angel-School dropout be just the friend Filbert needs? Could they find a way together to make everyone accept them as they are?

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  • ISBN-13: 9780763658700
  • Publisher: Candlewick Press
  • Publication date: 7/9/2013
  • Pages: 32
  • Age range: 3 - 7 Years

About Hiayn Oram: 

Hiawyn Oram is a very successful author of children's books in Britain. Her books include the popular Not-So-Grizzly Bear Stories, the Animal Heroes series, and Mona the Vampire. She lives in London.


About Jimmy Liao:

Jimmy Liao (Chinese Name: Lao Fu-Bin, 廖福彬) born in Taipei, B.A. in Fine Arts, with a major in Design. He had worked in advertising companies for 12 years. Now he works as an illustrator. Since 1998, Jimmy published several illustrated books with amazing originality and multi-faceted narratives. He had since set a fashion in creating and publishing illustrated books in local and international markets. Utilizing images as a refreshing form of literary language, Jimmy creates in his works poetic frames that emit charms and appeals.

He has published seventeenth popular books so far, and they are translated into English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean and so forth. Being the most popular illustrator author in Asia, creating lots of fantasy and touch hearts cross all generation, however, with low profile personality, he enjoys the family time more, lives a tranquil life and devotes most of his time to work. Immersing in his works is just like to go into Jimmy's inner world, his inviting stories reflect the reality of real life, more and more people are intoxicated by his vivid strokes and his magic realism narratives. Now in Asia, Jimmy becomes vogue of the time, beyond his stories, "Jimmy" is like a pop of a new life style.

My Thoughts

Filbert's parents expected him to be bad to bone. You see they are a family of fiends.  

What is a fiend?.  Well let me tell show you a definition online @ Oxford Dictionary
 fiend is a noun
  • an evil spirit or demon.
  •  a wicked or cruel person:a fiend thirsty for blood and revenge
  •  a person causing mischief or annoyanceyou little fiend!
Sounds scary for sure!  There is one problem, Filbert is a good fiend, which is totally unacceptable.  His parents are the scariest of scary and try everything to  make him bad, mean and scary with no luck, so they send him to a  Bad School, literally, .  He refused to join in on the mayhem of his mean and bad classmates. Even his teacher was fiendish and when he was found being good she sent him outside to the mean spot.  But in actuality very peaceful wasn't at all like a punishment, it made him feel good. 

Florinda is an Angel but she does not act like an Angel.  Angels are good and kind, right?  Florinda is not always good and kind. So on one such occasion she was sent home from Angel School. When flying home Florinda collides with a tree and nearly falls into Filbert's lap, to say the least, they were both shocked.  As they discussed their similar problems they decided to trade places, Filbert as an Angel and Florinda as a fiend. What do you think their classmates will think of their change?  

Well I'm not going to reveal the ending of the story, you will have to read the book.  Plus, you will want to see the illustrations that are out of this world, and will take you into the world of the fiendish and the Angelic. The author has created some very cute characters.  It is funny how the authors worked together and  made a monster cute and an Angel scary looking. 

Sometimes we must take the good with a little of the bad.  Another analogy is, sweet and sour, I love sweet and sour things together. 

   I highly recommend this book.

   I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book from Candlewick Press for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.

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