Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Funny money found at suspected drug lab - Your Houston News: News

We live way out in the country and we have three neighbor within a mile of us.  On Sept 15th one of those close neighbors were arrested I couldn't believe all of the police cars I know there was over ten cars.  The man that owns the house just lost his wife in a car wreck last year while he was working out of the country.  Now his step son does something stupid like this in his home while he is in Maylasia working.  It will take him three days to home. He is concerned about his pets.  When he called me I reasurred him I would check on his animals that his son was suppose to be caring for.  I feel so sorry for this man please pray for him he has had to go through way to much.  Even though his step son is a criminal please pray that he will turn away from this mess he has gotten into. I got this article from the Avocate News.

Funny money found at suspected drug lab - Your Houston News: News: An alleged counterfeit money and illegal drug operation was
busted on Sept. 15 in a joint effort by San Jacinto County and
Liberty County law …


  1. Prayers for your neighbors. Sounds like you must live north of Humble where I used to live. I still have friends in the New Caney area.

    Loraine from Goodreads.

  2. Thank you Loraine for you prayers. I am about ready to move. The bad is beginning to out weigh the good in this area.

  3. That is just horrible I feel so bad for the father.


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